Our Promise - The Raw Dog Food Co


We have set out to achieve a supply of high quality meat and game that is of the highest quality human grade product*. This Raw Dog Food’ is 100% natural and authentic. We are committed to only providing the highest grade NZ meat free of antibiotics and preservatives. It's Premium NZ Meat & Game fit for you and your pooch!

We are cutting out all of the middle men. It's just us and our manufacturer who work to bring the fresh grass fed meat and game directly from the large human manufacturing suppliers, farmers and hunters directly to your door.

All fresh meat supplied is ethical and sustainably grown by selected NZ farmers. We have the hunters directly supplying their catch to the manufacturing plant where it is then put through a post mortem to ensure the quality, freshness and that they are free of poisons or infections.

The manufacturing plant is run to the highest grade and is a hot clean manufacturing facility (Nasty chemicals are not required in this cleaning process). The factory is voluntarily checked and ​approved by MPI every 12 weeks (MPI is the national authority charged with insuring that our export facilities meet their stringent human grade regulations).

We promise to uphold and maintain these standards as a minimum requirement so you can be assured that we will never deviate from our commitment to provide you with the best of the best every time.

*This product is human grade product although not intended for human consumption, it's made for Pets supply only.