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Why Raw Feeding

The benefits below speak for themselves however if you search through the web you’ll find a dramatic movement back to a raw food diet for dogs all around the world. The reasons are simple: A raw food diet is what a dog is designed to consume. When we ensure that the diet is well-balanced and includes all of the natural food sources that a domestic dog needs, the health and well-being improvements are quite remarkable.
To ensure that your dog receives the right amount of food on a daily basis and the right balance of nutrients we have all of the required information available throughout this site.

The Key Benefits

Healthy teeth and fresh breath


  • Your dog will have improved oral health with less tartar build-up and lovely clean, white teeth. You shouldn’t need to brush your dog’s teeth or take them to the vet with teeth problems.
  • It should be noted that periodontal disease is prevalent with dogs on grain-based diets.

A healthy skin and coat



  • From personal experience we can attest to how glossy a dog’s coat becomes once on a raw food diet. In addition, skin diseases and irritations are non-existent.
  • Your dogs thick, deeply coloured and healthy coat will really surprise you.

Improved immune system 


  • A well balanced raw diet will strengthen your dog’s immune system. It will reduce inflammatory conditions and dramatically reduce the risk of infections.

Smaller, odourless stools


  • Because the raw food diet is absorbed far better than dried grain fed diets the digestive system improves dramatically resulting in smaller stools and far less odour.
  • Better for everyone! 

Higher energy levels 


  • Once again, speaking from experience with our own dogs, the raw diet provides all of the required food sources to increase energy levels.

Lean muscle mass…reduced fat


  • As the diet is natural and well-balanced your dog will naturally loose unneeded body fat and build important muscle mass.
  • Your dog will look and feel better and most likely they will lead to a healthier and longer life.