Beef Kidney Bites - Packed with Vital Aminos for Health - The Raw Dog Food Co

Beef Kidney Bites

Suitable for cats and dogs, unminced - bite sized cubes of beef kidney, from grass-fed beef. Antibiotic Free. 

Beef Kidney is a super food for both cats and dogs and should be included as part of a raw pet food diet. 

Beef Kidney includes Taurine which is an amino acid that is crucial for cats' health. Unlike dogs, cats cannot produce enough taurine on their own and must obtain it from their diet. Organ meats like beef kidney are rich in taurine, which is essential for proper heart function, vision, and overall well-being. Feeding small amounts of high-quality organ meats like beef kidney can actually support a cat's renal health. These meats provide essential nutrients that are beneficial for kidney function


Contents: Beef Kidney

*Pet Food Only - Not intended for Human Consumption

Store in the Freezer until ready to serve.