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MicroMed Oral 250mls

Does your dog continuously itch and/or lick their paws ?  Whilst a raw diet can help reduce/ prevent these conditions the issues can often be caused by environmental and social (dust, toxic sprays, anxiety etc).  MicroMed can help provide relief with its powerful, live formulation of beneficial microbes which help rebalance the gut to reduce/ prevent fungal and inflammatory reactions.  It is an organically-based, non-toxic, all natural probiotic blend for use with minor, acute, fungal or bacterial issues in dogs, and can also be used preventatively in recurring, persistent issues.


The Every Day Care oral spray contains beneficial fungi, bacteria and protozoa as they exist in nature, as a complete unit or eco-system in its own right. When transferred into and onto your dog’s body it has the ability to transform the internal and external environment to powerfully reduce inflammation.


Simply spray on food 

Dogs under 10kg : approx. 4 mls/ day (4 sprays)

Dogs over 10kg : approx 8 mls/ day  (8 sprays)