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Wild NZ Goat Boneless Bites

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Wild NZ Boneless Goat bites for vital calcium and other minerals that will help your dog lead a healthy and more vital life.

Contents: Unminced Wild NZ Goat Bites

*Pet Food Only - Not intended for Human Consumption
Store in the Freezer until ready to serve

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic service and Obviously a great product!

Our toy poodle has been put on a very restricted diet due to allergies. It was suggested by the Skin Vet that the only meat he could eat was goat. The only place I could find chunks of goat without bones (or minced - which they said could be cross contaminated with other meats), was here at The Raw Dog Food Co. I purchased 2kg at first, and this has actually lasted almost a month. The first time I boiled it and added some of the meat and stock to his biscuits he's been 'prescribed'. He would eat the meat, but still leave most of the bikkies. The 2nd time, I boiled it with pumpkin and kumara and then actually pureed it and added it to the bikkies. He ate all his dinner! So happy to have found the Raw Dog Food Co, so I can buy boneless goat chunks. Much happier doggy with meat in his diet! Highly recommend the company and the goat bites!

Hey Anne. Thanks for your feedback and great to here that he enjoyed all of his dinner

Danielle Carter
The GOAT (greatest of all time) literally

The boys favorite food that you stock 🐐