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Customer Case Study - No More Scooting

Luna the Labradoodle Raw Pet Food


Got a dog that scoots? Regular visits to the vet with your dog?

Here is a case study on Luna from her pawrent Monique:

Luna, labradoodle 9 months old.

"Around the age of 6months we noticed that Luna started getting itchy and scooting her bum on the carpet. We are rigorous with her worming schedule so were confident that it wasn’t that. We took her to the vet who confirmed it was her anal glands. The vet drained them and sent us on our way. 2 weeks later we were back at the vet, once again her scooting on the carpet. This time it was so bad that she had given herself a UTI. Draining of the glands, anti-biotics to clear up the UTI and commercial carpet cleaning. One month later we were back again to get her anal glands drained and get a steroid injection to reduce her red raw bum. 1 week later, same drill. We were getting to the point where it was weekly vet visits. It was getting ridiculous and I was getting frustrated that we were not addressing the issue as to why her anal glands weren’t draining on their own in the first place. We decided to look at her diet and reached out to Zoe at The Raw Dog Food Co for help. The change in Luna has been incredible! No more licking her bum or scooting on the carpet. Her coat is so glossy and she seems much happier within herself. Zoe’s help has been incredible and she genuinely cared about helping Luna. We were paying about $2 per day for her dry food. It’s now around the $4 per day mark which includes an egg, but no more vet trips at $80 plus per visit to drain her glands. We are so thrilled with the change we have seen in our sweet Luna. For anyone else stuck in the vet cycle, I encourage you to reach out to Zoe and see if a diet change can help!"

How did we transition Luna:

Luna started on a high quality low allergen raw food diet, including Turkey Mince with Bone, Goat Mince which is an all in meat, bone and organ blend, pumpkin was also a regular addition to Luna's bowl.

Luna's proteins will extend in the coming weeks to include Chicken with Bone and the introduction of raw meaty bones like Wallaby Tails - this will also lighten the load on Monique's wallet! Monique is a super pawrent and preps home made bone broth for Luna which is of great benefit to dogs and their gut health.

Here are 5 reasons why a raw diet can benefit dogs with anal gland issues:

  1. Optimized Fiber Content: Raw diets can be tailored to include appropriate fibre levels, aiding in regular bowel movements and potentially reducing anal gland issues related to constipation or irregular stool consistency.
  2. Natural Digestive Enzymes: Raw diets provide enzymes inherent in raw meats, promoting improved digestion and nutrient absorption. This can lead to firmer stools and a lower likelihood of anal gland problems.
  3. Allergen Minimization: Raw diets often exclude common allergens found in commercial dog food, like artificial additives, fillers, and grains. For dogs with food sensitivities contributing to anal gland issues, a raw diet may help minimize potential allergenic triggers.
  4. Balanced Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Some raw diets incorporate omega-3-rich ingredients, such as fish, which possess anti-inflammatory properties. These fatty acids can assist in managing inflammation and potentially reducing the risk of anal gland inflammation or infection.
  5. Tailored Nutrition: You can customize the raw diet to address the specific needs of dogs with anal gland issues. This allows for precise control over ingredient selection and quality, ensuring the diet aligns with the individual dog's health condition.

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