New Zealand: A Haven for Raw Pet Food?

Dog Running In New Zealand

Did you know?

New Zealand is renowned for its clean and green environment. The country's stringent agricultural practices ensure the production of high-quality, ethically sourced raw pet food.

Abundance of Variety

  1. Grass-Fed Meat: New Zealand's ample pasture yields top-grade grass-fed meat, a staple ingredient in many raw pet food products.

  2. Free-Range Poultry: Ethically raised, free-range poultry contributes to a balanced raw diet, rich in proteins.

  3. Sustainable Practices: The emphasis on sustainability in New Zealand's raw pet food industry aligns with the values of conscious pet owners.

FAQs About Raw Pet Food in New Zealand

1. Is raw pet food suitable for all pets?

Absolutely. Raw pet food can be tailored to meet the nutritional needs of various pets, including dogs and cats.

2. How do I transition my pet to a raw diet?

Check out our blog: how to transition to raw by clicking here to learn more about transitioning to raw 

3. Can raw feeding lead to nutritional imbalances?

When done correctly, raw feeding is nutritionally balanced. However, consulting a veterinarian or animal nutritionist is advisable to ensure your pet's specific needs are met.

4. Are there any risks associated with raw pet food?

Handling raw food requires proper hygiene to prevent bacterial contamination. It's essential to follow safety guidelines to minimize risks.

5. Can I prepare raw pet food at home?

While some pet owners prepare raw food at home, it can be challenging to achieve nutritional balance. There are number of options now to achieve a balanced and convenient option, be it pre made meals click here for our premade meals or a range that includes an 80:10:10 balance click here for our pellet ranges for more details 


Embracing a raw pet food diet in New Zealand offers a host of benefits for your furry companion. From improved digestion to a shiny coat, the advantages are amazing health benefits for your pets. New Zealand's commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that your pet receives the best nutrition possible. So why wait? Give your pet the gift of health with premium raw pet food.

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