The Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet

The natural well-balanced diet for your dog should include Bones, Meat, Offal, Tripe, Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs, Flax seed oils, Kelp and supplements for their optimal health.

In this section we’ll explain what the benefits are of all these elements and also advise the quantities of each to create the perfect meal.


Bones are an essential component of a dog’s diet because they are a source of a wide range of much needed nutrients.

Raw bones are incredibly important for your dog’s oral health, keeping their teeth clean and white and their breath fresh. Bones also assist with your dog’s digestion.

Bone eating dogs are healthier and they live longer.

We strongly promote adding booth broth to every raw meal. Bone broth helps your dog’s digestion process and supports healthy joint functionality.


For all dogs at all stages of their lives meat provides an essential source of first class protein. Meat does not contain any carbohydrates, starch, sugar or fibre.

It’s important to note that our meats are completely free of any antibiotics or preservatives. We insist on providing you with the purest products that are available on the market for this very important element of your dog’s raw diet.


Heart, liver, kidneys and intestines are an extremely valuable source of essential nutrients required in the raw diet. The diet requires only small mounts per day however it is a very important part.

The liver provides very high quality protein, essential fatty acids and various vitamins (A,D,E and K).

The kidney is a rich source of iron and all the important B vitamins.

Heart is also strong in Vitamin B, protein and iron plus levels of taurine….a very important heart health food.


Tripe is the edible muscle lining from the stomach of farm animals such as cows and sheep. Tripe provides a further source of important vitamins, fats and protein.


It may well surprise you to learn that dogs enjoy and need a certain mix of vegetable in their diet. In particular, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, enzymes and anti-aging factors such as antioxidants. Dogs have always consumed a certain amount of vegetables (in days of old) and we feel that it’s important to ensure we include them also to further enhance your dog’s health.

In particular, the best raw vegetables are Spinach, Celery, Carrots and Cayenne Pepper for improved sight, iron content, anti-tumour factors and cancer prevention.


A huge source of vitamins and antioxidant all fruits only enhance any dog’s health and well-being. In particular, whole apples, whole pears and whole grapefruits provide very important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which if digested on a regular basis will enhance any dogs well-being.

Eggs (no shell)

Eggs are a very important element in a raw diet as they are a very good source of protein and calcium.

Egg yolks are an essential food for a dog experiencing skin problems as they contain sulphur-containing amino acids, biotin, vitamin A, fatty acids and zinc.


Natural Greek Yoghurt is a very good probiotic for dogs. It supports good tummy health. Try adding this to a meal every few days. 


Green lip muscle supplement for bone growth and joint health.

While this is not included in our diet it is a very important supplement for any dog for their ongoing joint health.

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